Explore the eccentric world of Thornback & Peel design.

A little mischievous and always with a wry British sense of humour, every piece is designed in our London studio and screen printed across a cornucopia of products; from tea towels and oven gloves to lampshades, deck chairs, or available by the meter.

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Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Tea Towel
Cactus & Bird Tea Towel
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Apron
Cactus & Bird Apron
Cactus & Bird Oven Glove
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Oven Glove
Lobster Tea Towel
Pea Pod Tea Towel
Pink Jelly & Cake Tea Towel
Pea Pod Apron
Pea Pod Apron
Teacup Tea Towel
Sardine Tea Towel
Blackbird & Bramble Tea Towel
Grey Pineapple Tea Towel
Grey Pineapple Oven Glove
Teacup Oven Glove
Blackbird & Bramble Oven Glove
Pea Pod Oven Glove
Pink Jelly & Cake Oven Glove
Pink Jelly & Cake Apron
Grey Pineapple Apron
Classic Rabbit & Cabbage Napkin Set of Four
Blackbird & Bramble Apron
Lobster Apron
Lobster Apron
Lobster Oven Glove
Teacup Apron
Teacup Apron
Pheasant & Vine Tea Towel
Chicken & Carnation Tea Towel
Pheasant & Vine Oven Glove
Sardine Oven Glove
Pheasant & Vine Apron
Sardine Apron
Sardine Apron
Chicken & Carnation Apron
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